OPI Mexico City Collection 2020

Spring 2020 Nail Polish Collection by OPI

Mexico City

All You Need To Know

About The Collection

Let’s embrace the spring with the OPI Mexico City collection that shows the bright festive colors of the city. The new range has come up with 12 artistic and playful colors that you can use all year. Even with their recent launch, they are already available online. The range inspiration goes to the Native Mexican artist Sofia Castellanos whose illustrations are quite famous. She totally knows how to capture the top colors of Mexico in this collection. These 12 shades include classic, crème, metallic and get formula to cover everyone’s necessity. So, let’s talk further about the OPI Mexico City collection in detail. This 12-shade collection officially launches February 1, 2020 but some Salons or even nail technicians have it already in hand.

Nail Polish Color Title

12 New Shades

The newest OPI nail polish collection for Spring 2020, Mexico City, hits when we’re most desperate for vivid, energizing shades. Not only are Mexico City’s eclectic shades the perfect backdrop for an inspiring and gram-worthy getaway, but its history and culture are unforgettable. Here is the name for each new “sombra”.

  • ¡Viva OPI!
  • Don’t Tell a Sol
  • Hue is the Artist?
  • Mariachi Makes My Day
  • Mexico City Move-mint
  • Mi Casa Es Blue Casa
  • Mural Mural on the Wall
  • My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore
  • Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal
  • Telenovela Me About It
  • Verde Nice to Meet You
  • Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal

OPI Mexico City colour review

Pack your bags, because you’re about to visit the most colourful place you’ve ever known. This OPI Mexico City swatches review will give you everything you need to know about each shade.

Hue is the artist

So, we all know that white color has a different fan base and this one is really on the top. Starting with this lighter shade, you will see that it also has a pink blush tone too when you apply. A single coating is enough to make you smile and get impressed with the formula. If you want more coverage, then you can go for double coats but make sure you are using thinner coats.

Mexico City Move-Mint

This color is seriously going to take your breath away. It’s like they have mixed teal with a whole lot of white color. You might have to apply a second base to get the desired results. It has full coverage and a range of colors that you can feel after application. For a moment you feel will mint green and then mint blue. It’s a mixture of colors that shows the pop and fun personality of yours.

Don’t Tell A Sol

First, I loved the name of this shade. Yellow is always there when you talk about the spring or summer. This lively and bright shade has a warmer tone and it is very easy to apply. I have heard a lot of people saying that yellow nail paint is not a color for everyone. But you really must try this one. It isn’t that bright because of its warmer tone and it levels down perfectly. If you have a deeper skin tone it will look absolutely stunning on you. Try to do some nail art by writing your name or making emojis with orange, green and pink, etc.

Verde Nice To Meet You

Nice to meet you too! Let’s welcome this beautiful turquoise shade that has a thick formula and perfect application. It’s like every time you look at your nails you will get new and impressive ideas of nail art. The color itself is so appealing and perfect for summer as well. You can try darker color stones like black, gold, silver, and anyone which you want to use as a combination for your nail art.

Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal

Let’s talk about this amazing pop shade of Mexico. I would say that in the first look it gives a light salmon look but it is more like a peach shade. With its perfect crème finish its looks gorgeous on almost every skin tone. The application is smooth and levels up itself. If you like pop colors then this is the perfect color for you to try this spring.

Mural Mural on The Wall

I think this is one of their standout shades in the whole collection. This is such a unique shade and formula with a bunch of fab flecks that I am happy to apply on my nails. it is a jell like a formula and you can say that it has an orange yet a light peachy color with irregular flakes that you can see clearly after application. Also, you need to be sure that you apply thin coats because of its gel formula. You don’t want a lot of weight of it on your nails. Simply thin layers and two coats are enough to get that bouncy look.

Telenovel Me About It

This shade reminds me of the classic soap operas pink. It’s like a show on your nails which can also show the fun in your personality. This orchid pink is everything you will want to wear this year. To get the perfect look and opacity, it might require two to three coats. But the sheer formula of this shade in OPI collection is perfect.

My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

One of the most interesting shades I wanted to try was this one. It has a bright yet deep orange or red tone. It’s like a sun on its full in the afternoon in summer. Besides the color itself, it looks lovely and with a single coat, you are good to go. And, it has become now a unique addition to my nail paint collection. Thanks for introducing this shade OPI.

¡Viva OPI!

Red color never goes out of style. So, this nail paint can always be at your backup. ¡Viva OPI! is a stunning red nail color with an orangey tone which makes it more of a vibrant and attractive color. The nail color dries super-fast. This nail paint can be a good substitute for your old red shades if you are looking for a change!

Mi Casa Es Blue Casa

Can I just tell you how confident this color makes me feel? Kind of an inspiration to rock a color like this. This blue crème shade is so bright and gorgeous. It seems like it has a kind of power to attract you. The color, the application, and the end-look, what can I say! You will fall in love with this one.

Mariachi Makes My Day

This nail color is not just perfect for the daytime as the name suggests. The color is absolutely stunning even for nighttime. The nail color is basically in the shade of purple with a perfect blend of blue tones. The density of the nail color is thick and it requires only a single coat application. However, for a bolder look, you can apply a second coat as well.

Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal

Yellow is an all-time favorite color for summer and spring. But many women find themselves in a state of confusion when it comes to wearing yellow nail paint. Well, a mute yellowish gold nail color is the ultimate solution for you. Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal gives a sleek and shimmery look to your nails. As it takes a double coating application, be careful about the direction of the brush strokes when applying the second coat of the nail paint.

OPI Mexico City Availability

Product Lines & Formulas

You can buy this collection as individual bottles of Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine or Gelcolor.

OPI Nail Lacquer

This collection contains 12 shades bottles of nail lacquers.

Formula Features

  • When they first came out of its fantastic range of colours floored people.
  • Even today OPI not only has a wide range of colours but also dries fast.
  • The second coat can be applied within a minute or two.
  • Dries super fast and has extended wear, meaning, it lasts longer.

OPI Gelcolor

This collection contains 15 bottles of gel nail polish, 12 shades and 3 glitter.

Formula Features

  • Odour free and LED cured systems making them a genuinely revolutionary addition to the nail industry.
  • The gel colour range matches almost all colours of the existing Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer line on OPI.
  • Come in thick sculpting gels, soft soak-able gels, and soak-able gel colour polishes.
  • High gloss, feel weightless, and the application is pure perfection.

OPI Infinite Shine (Long Wear Polish)

This collection contains 15 bottles from infinite shine product line, 12 new shades and 3 shining glitter.

Formula Features

  • Bright and funky shades to choose from in this line.
  • Long-lasting a bright and shiny with a vast array of colours.
  • It dries to the touch in around 8 minutes but second.
  • Thrust coats can be applied within a couple of minutes.
  • The infinite shine is a crazy favourite during summers.

Get OPI Mexico City Collection

Because anyone could be reading this blog, and since everyone needs this collection for a different use. I’ve listed a few options that will help you get it fast, no matter you want it for a shop or for personal use.

Do It Yourself

Are you looking to buy individual nail polish bottles to try yourself? Find this collection at Sally Beauty or Swan Beauty.

Here are some sample photos for the colours on hands

Wholesale Supplies For Salon/SPA

Looking to get this collection at wholesale price for your salon or spa in Canada? Then Nail R Us is the answer, you will find this collection available in Nail Polish, GelColour and Infinite Shine, they will give a great experience for your clients.

Nail Salon/SPA


Get your nails done with this collection at Vixen® Nails & Spa. The shop is located very close to Square One mall in downtown. They will check you in quickly and the service with full care and the whole experience is just 100% wonderful.

Toronto (Downtown)

Welcome to Toronto PATH’S only luxury Nail Bar! At Polish’d they understand perfect nails equals total confidence. They will offer the best nail service possible during your visit. Directions


Highly recommend the nail polish service and the employees are great with their nail art experience. Glamstar Beauty & Nails offers top quality service for a good price too.


Spa Espace Nomad-Spa is a lovely place to spend a few hours relaxing and taking in the views of Montreal. Everything is a five star! The location, the atmosphere, the service and the message.

In Conclusion

To me, this is one of the finest collections OPI has come up with the collaboration of a Mexican artist. The bold and elegant colors shout Mexico City and will make you wish to just fly up there. The formulas, brushes, and colors are highly impressive and one can enjoy this collection all year. So, grab these artistic colors now before they get out of stock as they are available online.

With all this information and resources for OPI Mexico City 2020 Spring Collection, you are 100% ready to make a decision where to buy from. You may ask your salon or nail technician for this collection after Feb 1st.

For alternative bright and cute colours that fall within the same tone, check CND Yes I Do Bridal Nail Polish Collection

OPI released Scotland Collection for Fall 2019, the colours are way too different but might help with some nail art applications.


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