OPI Downtown LA Collection Review

Even though it feels a bit weird to review fall colors in July since we’re still enjoying bright colorful shades from OPI Malibu Summer 2021 Collection, but’s always good to know about OPI’s next season nail polish collection. OPI’s Downtown LA collection features 12 permanent, matching shades in GelColor, Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer, and 6 matching shades in Powder Perfection. In this article, I’m going to review OPI Downtown LA Collection for Fall 2021. Continue reading to learn how to create trend-setting nails inspired by the contemporary streets of Downtown LA this Fall.

Downtown LA collection–dark autumnal tones

OPI Downtown LA Shades

  • METALLIC COMPOSITION: A shimmery rose gold that’s a sketch of your imagination.
  • GRAFFITI SWEETIE: Make a statement with this perfectly sweet crème lilac.
  • P)INK ON CANVAS: A pastel crème blush for your own interpretation.
  • ESPRESSO YOUR INNER SELF: Bring out your inner artist with a deep espresso brown.
  • 7TH & FLOWER: Bloom into a magenta motif with this ode to Downtown LA.
  • ART WALK IN SUZI’S SHOES: A crimson crème red made for walking into galleries.
  • ISN’T IT GRAND AVENUE: Channel museum nights with this intensely dark navy blue!
  • ANGELS FLIGHT TO STARRY NIGHTS: Twinkle with a shimmery wash of dusky cool blue.
  • OPI DTLA (C) A deep downtown gray you’ll absolutely fall for
  • ABSTRACT AFTER DARK: A shimmery midnight purple that will spark your creativity.
  • VIOLET VISIONARY: Hue will be posing in this rich violet crème.
  • MY STUDIO’S ON SPRING: A lush, deep green that’s a work of art.

Colors Inspiration

OPI also teamed up with the celebrity nail artist Chaun Legend to transform the Downtown LA palette into tiny works of art you can do on your own–and while he does have a penchant for long nails and intricate designs, OPI assures you that you can nail this. Follow the art walk with this three-tone look that makes simple zig zags a work of fine art.

OPI Downtown LA intro video


Buy OPI Downtown LA

You can explore the full collection here–all 12 shades are available in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, and GelColor, with a select few you’ll want to dip into in Powder Perfection. Click here to buy OPI Downtown LA for your salon or commercial use at wholesale price.

Click here to buy this collection for personal use, we can’t wait to see how you bring these shades to life on your own canvas (ahem, your nails!), you may also tag @opi in your Instagram post for a chance to be featured in their profile. Don’t forget to add #OPIDOWNTOWNLA to your nail photos if you’re using any of Downtown LA’s colors.

Please click on the link to read more details about the collection if you’re interested in getting to know more details about OPI Downtown LA Collection,


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