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DND Brand, the best nail care you can opt for!

We all love those beautiful long nails, don’t we? But going to the parlour every time and getting a manicure done can be a significant burden on the pocket. Don’t worry, the Daisy Nail Design, popularly known as DND is a beautiful option for all the nail lovers out there. With this method, not only will you get trendy and beautiful nails but it will also save your time and money.

We bring you the renowned DND brand that offers some classy nail manicure options with the best nail paints, UV gels, and many other salon products. The best part is that now you can efficiently use them at home or salon to get beautiful nails to flaunt.

DND Wholesale Distributor

It’s not easy to find an authentic DND Wholesale Distributor, but with Nail R Us, you need not worry. We bring you genuine DND products at cheap wholesale rates. Our online store carries you a massive variety of the DND products so that you can get the best manicure sitting at home or saloon. You can even visit our salon to get the DND products of your choice.

DND Gel Color

There are various gel colour options offered by DND which provide you with a beautiful and weightless feel. The DND gel colour has a glossy finish and is durable too. So you can quickly try them at home and get the feel of beautiful gel-colored nails.

Top 4 DND Gel Color:

DND Nail Polish

With a quick dry mechanism, the DND Nail Polish is available in a variety of options to choose from. There are hundreds of beautiful colours that the DND nail paints come in. These nail paints are thinner and last much longer, giving you a perfect feel and sense of confidence.

DND Gel & Lacquer Duo

DND has brought a revolutionary change in the field of nail arts and designs by introducing the Daisy Duo combo manicure. In this manicure technique, there is no need for a base coat or a bond. You can just apply a few coats of the nail paint to get the finish of a manicure, and you are all ready to go. The pack comes with a gel polish and a nail lacquer bottle too which you can use together to get the most amazing nails.

The nail paint application procedure is quite simple and lets you have the most beautiful and beautiful nails with utmost ease and without the hassles of various coats of different products. All you have to get is to get the DND Gel & Lacquer Duo and apply the gel colour followed by the final top coat. This way, you can quickly get the best designs in a very short span of time.


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