How To Apply Gel Nail Polish

People always ask me: Are your nails natural? Do you do them yourself? Is it hard to do? Well, read this article to find out how easy To Apply Gel Polish.

My fingernails are naturally strong and grow long, so I like to keep them polished and looking nice. Gel nails are the greatest invention ever, especially Gelish soak-off gel polish. No more chipping and peeling after just a couple of days. Gel polish typically lasts about two weeks and stays super shiny like it was just applied. It protects and strengthens your nails, preventing them from breaking or ripping. And one of the best advantages is that it dries instantly after curing in an LED or UV lamp, so you can immediately get back to work without worrying about messing up your polish.

  • Cure time:  Typically, gel polish cures with an LED lamp in 30 seconds or 2 minutes with a UV lamp. Read the label on your polish for curing times.
  • You can repeat steps 11 and 12 to add additional layers of color if you prefer. To spice things up, try adding a glitter topper like Vegas Nights.


Below is a Step-by-Step Guide For Applying Gelish Gel Polish:

  1. Trim and file the nails to the desired length and shape.
  2. Push the cuticles back with an orange stick or cuticle pusher.
  3. Lightly buff the surface of each nail with a block buffer.
  4. Cleanse the nails with Gelish Nail Cleanser and a lint-free wipe OR using sterile alcohol wipes. It’s essential to ensure your nails are completely oil-free!
  5. Apply Gelish PH bond to your nails.
  6. Apply a coat of Gelish Foundation to each of your nails.
  7. Cure the Foundation gel in your LED or UV lamp (find the best LED lamp for 2022).
  8. Optional:  Apply Gelish Structure Gel and cure.
  9. Apply the first coat of the Gelish color polish of your choice.
  10. Cure the polish in your LED or UV lamp
  11. Apply a second coat of Gelish color polish.
  12. Cure the polish in your LED or UV lamp
  13. Apply a thin coat of Gelish Top It Off to your nails.
  14. Cure the top coat in your LED or UV lamp
  15. Wipe your nails off with the Gelish Nail Cleanser or sterile alcohol wipes.

I got gel manicures at my local salon every couple of weeks, but it was an expensive habit. After watching the professionals at the salon do my nails so many times, I thought I would try to do it myself from home. I researched the different gel polish brands and decided that Gelish was my best option. It was easily accessible on and cheaper than most of the alternatives. Gelish also has a pretty extensive selection of colors to choose from. I purchased all the equipment I needed to get started for about $150, the equivalent of about four manicures at the salon. Now I do my gel manicures from home, as well as for a few family members and friends.

Pro Tips

If you get polish on your cuticle or skin, remove it with a brush dipped in alcohol or nail cleanser BEFORE curing your nails under the light. Gelish Structure Gel will save time; find out more about Gelish Structure gel here. Allowing the polish on your cuticles to harden will likely cause the polish to peel or chip. Try to keep the polish on the surface of the nail only. If you mess up, it’s easy to fix if you do it before curing. Just wipe the layer of polish off with your nail cleanser or alcohol (use a lint-free pad or paper towel), then re-apply the coating.


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