Where Can I Get Nail Supply For My Salon In Calgary

With nail art trends popping on the Canadian Society’s hands, your salon needs a continuous supply of the latest brands and newest releases. People love brand names so having those will give you an edge over others. Finding a good nail supply in Calgary should be easy. Nails R Us online wholesale supplier can easily supply some of the best and most recent nail polishes right at your doorstep.

Award-winning Canadian Nail Supply Wholesaler

Nails R Us is the greatest wholesale nail supply in Calgary. You might know about it, but if you don’t, now you do. The fact that they have the fastest delivery is good, but that’s not it. They’ve been voted the best nail suppliers in Calgary since the past three consecutive years. They’ve received the Top Choice award which marks their excellence. It’s a great nail supplier that you should definitely give a try too.

Fast Delivery To Calgary, Alberta

They mention on their website that the delivery can take up to a week, but they’ve known to deliver your products to you on the very next day itself. Nail salons require the latest colours trending, and new releases of brands instantly and Nails R Is does this for you brilliantly. Their fast delivery ensures that your order has reached the next day and we love them for it.

Most popular beauty supply brands in Canada

Nails R Us believes in quality, so they have associated and cooperated with the best nail and beauty brands that are also popular in Calgary city. Like Morgan Taylor, OPI, Essie Gel, Gelish, CND Shellac, and China Glaze, every Canadian use in their daily lifestyle. With so many brands and options to choose from Nails R Us should be your definite choice for your Nail Salon in Calgary by now. This wholesale company guarantees big names and good quality products. We guarantee their brands and quality products to be the most demanded products in Alberta.

Canada Wide Customer Service

Nails R Us not only has some great customer service but also information and advice about setting up a new salon/ spa. We love the fact that they are so up and personal with their clientele. Placing an order from here is surely just going to benefit you and your business. This is not how we a company selling for an individual. They are firm on the wholesale to professionals only policy. They mainly provide nail supply in Calgary for wholesale to SPA business owners.

Nail Education and Demo Days

Demo days are pretty fun and interesting at Nails R us. Learn how to use various products and the making of polishes, some literally from scratch. On demo days, one can gain learning on just about anything! From understanding colour and combinations to figure out what designs to choose. You can ask, and they will provide you with answers. You can train your staff at Nails R Us and have skilled staff anytime and every time of the day. Have actual Nail certified courses? This will show a tremendous increase in business growth. With education and good quality brands, all nails are achieve-able.




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