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Shopping Nail Supplies Ottawa ON K1P

Let me guess, you are looking for Canada’s top beauty and nail product supplier! Along with supplying beauty and nail products, Nails R Us supply salon equipment to salons, spas, and nails spas. Their main aim is to provide the best products with the highest quality and cheap rates. A long-time established company offer expert advice and support to present organizations of the beauty industry and help in the building of new salons and spas to improve their business. Nails R Us has a showroom located in Ontario. However, you can shop online and expect your orders to reach you the very next day to your shop’s door in Ottawa, Ontario.

Wholesale nail supplier that delivers to Ottawa.

Nails R Us is a firm that supplies mainly nail care products at wholesale rates to beauty organizations in Canada. They offer a wide range of beauty and nail products like nail polishes, nail care equipment, nail art tools. They also have an eye-catching product line in spa and hair care products of well-known brands. As this is an established brand in the industry, they work in a professional manner which ensures seamless functionality for your spa or salon. All information relating to you and the products you purchase are kept confidential to ensure you do not face unnecessary problems. Their effectiveness is not limited only to the information security realm; there is far more to it.

Nails R Us is reputed for their inventory management system which ensures that the company rarely faces shortages in the stock of their products. Their storage unit is usually stocked with upwards of 12,000 beauty products so that your spa or salon needs are met every time there is a requirement. They are amongst a very few vendors who are capable of shipping products within a single working day. If you are looking for a genuine nail supply that delivers to Ottawa, Nails R Us is the place to be.

What are the most-demand brands for Salons in Ottawa?

Nail Supply BrandsIn order for your Salon/SPA to be one of the top businesses in Ottawa, you must source the best available products in the beauty market of Canada. Shop for the well-established brands to ensure quality and no harm to your customers.

90% of the businesses in Canada sources nail polishes of a wide colour range from the following brands.

  • Berkeley Beauty
  • Ikonna
  • Entity 1
  • Gelish
  • OPI
  • Kupa
  • CND
  • China Glaze
  • Famous Names
  • IBD
  • Ezflow
  • Amazing Nail Concepts
  • Essie
  • DND
  • Gelixir
  • Perfect Match
  • Cuccio
  • Famous Names
  • Moyou London
  • Orly
  • Chisel
  • Morgan Taylor
  • Nail Tek
  • Seche Vite
  • Healthy Source Air Capture
  • Valentino Dust Collector

Since 2004, Nails R Us has been the best wholesale beauty supply distributors for Ottawa in specific and Canada in general. Whether your shop is located in Westboro, Centertown or anywhere in Ottawa, have your nail supplies delivered to your Salon’s door. View the full list of Nail supply brands

Nail Treatment and Salon Accessories

Nails R Us also provides for a variety of nail care accessories that ensure proper care of nails. These accessories also make the nail care treatment convenient and hassle-free for the technician. Like all other products, the nail care accessories too, are sourced after careful study of the brand. These brands are all well-established, and the use of their products has resulted in best results. Nails R Us provides accessories like- nail files, buffers, dispensers, brushes, wipes, cutters, containers for all of your needs. Now that you know who’s Ottawa Regions’ one stop beauty supply shop, don’t hesitate to give their wholesale nail supply online store a visit to learn more about what they can offer your Salon.

Art is something that adds character to anything in life, and Nails R Us recognizes the importance of this and strives to include it in their range of products. They provide a classy range of nail art products that take nail colours to the next level. Supplies such as art brushes, rhinestones, adhesives, and stamps are the highlights of their catalogue. They provide nail supply in Ottawa from the top of the line brands including Babyliss, MoYou, and Chisel.

Nail Supplies delivered to your Salon in Ottawa

Place your order at Nails R Us today before 2:00 pm and receive your shipment in Ottawa the very next business day. No more long periods of waiting in excitement for the shipment to arrive. Isn’t it great to get the best product for the fastest delivery service? Keep in mind, the key is to have a strong partnership that is committed to excellence and strives to always provide professional, unmatched service, super fast delivery for each and every guest that orders nail/spa supplies from their online store.


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