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How would you like to provide the best nail art service in your nail salon? Chisel Nail Art product line will defintly help you achive that. Clients consider nail salons who use the most trendy products in their service. The art of nails is nowadays one of the last follies among young people. They can choose the design of their choice that suits their preferences and lifestyle.  There are experts at salons who take charge of pampering of your nails. This article will introduce you to the Chisel brand and thier nail art product line.

All About Chisel Brand

Chisel is the premier leading nail supplies distributor, provide complete lines of dipping powder technologies, 3D Stamp, Gel and Acrylic solutions. Our founder and partners have been in the nail industries for past 20+ years, in depth knowledge of the nail salon businesses and understands the nail trend industry, we constantly innovate and bring new solutions and technologies to enlighten everyone. We’re are the first in the industry to have 3D Chisel Stamp made to create nail art easy for nail technicians. Our expert nail artists also the first to came up with the “One Music Note Ombre” technique which is widely used and adapt by many nail technicians today. We’re proud to be recognized as the most booked nail educators classes worldwide. Our team of educators fly all over the world to showcase and demonstrate the latest products and techniques and we got extremely high level of satisfaction. Chisel have exclusive distribution right to Princess Nail Supply, all Chisel products will be available only through Princess Nail Supply.

Chisel is proud to one of the premier nail supply distributor worldwide, we provide high end solutions for dipping powder, ombre and acrylic as well as 3D stamp. Our success came with complete industry knowledge and expertise of our co-founders. Our founders brought the expertise and passion to the business and constantly learning and innovate to make the best products available. We’re proud to be the most recognizable nail brand by almost all the nail salon. Our founders received multiple nail art competition awards at an international level and been doing nails over 20+ years. Mr. Phong Tran and David Hoang are the two icons in nail educators, they are fully booked on a weekly basis, they travel the world to showcase their nail art techniques, products and solutions. Along with Mr. Chau Nguyen as the co-founder and played key role in the team business development and product engineering.

Chisel brand in Canada has become a well known and reliable nail art product manufacturing company offering different types of nail art products in the begning of 2018 till nowdays. They offer a wide range of nail products, such as nail dipping powder, liquids used with dip application, 3D Stamping and edgers. Chisel Dip Powder is the professional’s top choice for nail art in 2019. Besides all the feature chisel has, it allows you to create simple to complex ombre nail art design smoothly like no other product.

Chisel Product Lines & How To Use

Many salons give clients limited posibilties when they do nail art service. Since Chisel Only, for this reason, people showing interest in Chisel products when they take a manicure. People like to use Chisel products because they last for a long time and offer an attractive glossy look to the nails. Here are a few tips for those who like to use Chisel products and also for those who are waiting for a perfect manicure to make their nails attractive.

Chisel tools are used to cut or cut hard materials such as metal, stone or wood. A chisel has a sharp, blade-shaped end, with a handle that is usually made of wood or metal.

Scissors are made differently, depending on their type and use. The length or width of the blade; the hardness and shape of the blade, as well as the kind of handles and materials used, are some of the factors that can distinguish different types of scissors.

Chisel Dipping Powder Colour Finish Collections

The Dipping powder is the latest technology on the nail market. It contradicts gel and acrylic manicures regarding longevity and versatility. You can view this as the midpoint between these two. Everyone longs for a long-term manicure or even a maneuver that will last two weeks.

Dipping powder can give you some, and more! Nails R Us dip powder you can develop your thin and brittle nails while protecting them and giving them a great look.

An example of what you can do with Chisel Dipping Powder

If you are looking the best results as you usually should, then make it sure that the dipping powder is soft. To get a smooth and good quality gel nails, you should use Nails R Us Chisel products. Your Dipping powder nails should be bent a little with your nails. If they are not able to do that, then after a week they will start to peel. Also, there might have some adverse effects on your nails. If your used product is not good and if they do not bend with your nails, then they might break your nails

Chisel Dipping Powder Features

It allows you to match and pair different colours together to create a beautiful ombre look on nails with unlimited possibilities. It also provides the nail artists to create unique designs when used with Chisel Nail Art 3D Stamps. Chisel Liquid products are preferred to use with Chisel application’s steps.

Chisel Powder Color Collections

Chisel powder colours are divided into 7 colour finish collections Solid, Standard, Ombre, Metallic, Glow, Glitter, Candy.

How to Apply Chisel Dip Powder On Nails

First, base coat to nail bed to deliver the dipping powder a sturdy foundation. Then, apply dipping powder by a manicure brush or by dipping fingers straight into the powder. Following, use a Chisel Nail Art Stamp to cut three-dimensional designs into the uncured dipping powder. Later, apply the top coat to give the colour dipping powder and vibrant and bright finish. Then, use activator to cure dipping powder and top coat. Use various colours and multiple stamps to create original stamped nail art that your clients will prefer.

Chisel Liquid

There are many benefits of using liquid for the nail salon. The liquids have been used for nails for years and have proven to be a preferred solution for women who are tired of short, brittle and broken nails and want more extended, more sexy nails.

How to use Chisel Liquid

Here are some ways to use liquid, and getting the right amount of liquid and acrylic powder to create beautiful acrylic nails.

  1. Brush Up. First, Make sure you use the right brush.
  2. Take a Dip. Second, dip the sculpting brush into the liquid.
  3. Powder Time. Next, carefully dip the wet brush into the liquid powder.
  4. Base to Tip. Then, place the ball of liquid powder on the tip of the nail
  5. Level Up. Finally, once you are finished applying the liquid, you can move on to filing and levelling once the acrylic has hardened.

Chisel 3D Stamping

3D nail seals are the latest trend in the contemporary nail art industry. Each package consists of ten unique stamps that cut out beautiful, non-polymerized, coloured dipping powder patterns. Use a Nail Art scissor with chisel-dipping powders to create bright, colourful stamped nail designs.

How to use Chisel 3D Stamping

First, apply an immersive base layer over the nail bed to give the plasticizer a solid foundation.

Then apply the soaking powder with a manicure brush or dip your fingers directly into the powder.

Then use a chisel nail pad to cut 3D patterns into the uncured dip powder.

Then use the top coat to give the colour a powdered powder and a beautiful and shiny finish.

Finally, apply an activator to treat the powdered powder and the top layer.

Chisel Edgers

Chisel Nail Art Edger helps nail-crafters create beautiful, perfect border patterns.

The edger has seven sizes for accurate design.

How to use Chisel Edgers

  1. Apply the tips and mixed well.
  2. Apply white acrylic paint over the whole nail bed.
  3. Use the edges of the door to cut the acrylic and scrape towards you.
  4. Apply red acrylic to cover the free space on the top of the nail.
  5. Buff and file the nail yourself.
  6. Apply a top layer or gel coat to obtain a high gloss.

Why Is Chisel A Hot Trend In 2019?

Innovation is driving the nail category, with new colours, kits, and products that are keeping nail polish fans engaged.

Nail design example showing mixed Chisel Dipping Powder Ombre colours.

There are many salons which offer a wide range of services in the world, either it is makeup related haircuts + styles. Since nails are an essential part of human body which needs proper caring and ultimate solutions to have a good look & feel of it, many women prefer to have long nails and keep them according to the latest styles and trends. Many professional salons offer top-notch services for your Nails at home in Dubai, from ultra-luxury manicures and pedicures to superb 3D nail arts in both gel and acrylic form.

Creativity on nails can be done at the nail salon

They have some techniques where piercing and stuck in diamonds are the trends offered to make your nails look sleek and exclusive. More and more exciting things can be done with them when nail art is concentrated. Nail salon Canada are plenty in the number who offer a variety of services. These salons offer both gel and acrylic nail arts as desired by the client. The salons make sure to use the best quality and state of the art product which is hygienic and good for health.

Accomplish a perfect nail art

Aside from people who visit salons, there are others who are fixed with schedules and unable to travel to a beauty shop for nail art. For such category of busy and working women nails can be utilized. They can be made trendy and chic by just sitting at home, a prior appointment fixing with the spas would make the right arrangement at your desired time at your house. The nails expert who visits your home from Nails R Us are well trained and possess years of experience. Nails at home in Canada are more useful tasks to keep your nails healthy and updated.

Chisel offer long-wear nail polish for both at-home and professional use. Typically, the lacquers used and sold in salons are formulated to last for the longest time.

This butterfly 3D Nail Art example is performed with Chisel Dipping Powder.

Get Chisel Products For Your Nail Salon

Clients spend a lot of money in nail salons trying to achieve a great nail art, Chisel products are worth investing your time and money. Enhance your nail art service with amazing 3D designs.

If you are looking for Chisel for your nail salon in Canada, Shop at Nails N Us for all your nail pampering needs. Nails N Us offer a variety of retail and wholesale Chisel products. You need to be an professional or an expert to purchase these supplies. If you are not sure what to get, you can buy whole sets for creating 3D nails. If you are ready to involve your creativity, pick out individual items and put your excellent skills to work.

We highly recomand that you visit our Chisel Ombre Demo Day in Mississauga to catch the method. Then you can spend some time practicing to master the outcomes.

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