The Differences Between Them Nail Files & Nail Buffers

There are not many significant differences between nail files and nail buffers, but the presence of grits and user preference. Continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about nail files and nail buffers. The information below is intended for nail technical and nail art artists. We will demonstrate the details about each item and why nail technicians prefer to use one on top of the other.

Nail File

A nail file is a tool used to grind down nails to give them a more beautiful shape, and they are classified as nail accessories. These are often used during pedicure and manicure, however, are considered very helpful for quick fixes of cracks, and broken or rough nails. For natural nails, a fine-grit cushion file is gentle yet effective. Basically, the higher the grit number, the smoother the file will be.

Nail files come in various materials, including padded cushion files, glass, mylar, and ceramic. Avoid metal files as they are harsh and can even split nails. The different types of nails files are designed for different uses, so it is important to select the right one.

Nail Buffers

Nail buffers are also classified as nail tools and used on nail surfaces to make them smoother. You can easily get a three-way buffer that can be used to cut, clean, and smooth the surface of nails. Nail buffers can smooth out ridges, make your nails look shiny and healthy, and even help your polish adhere if you choose to wear polish because they are able to adapt.

The Differences

A nail file is used for shaping the free edge of the nails. It grinds down the crashed nails to give them a good look. However, they come in various grits and all also come in a variety of shapes and colors. While talking about the buffer, then this tool is used to clean your nails, make them shinier look and smooth the surface. A buffer has two different grits on each side, while the other grey material is on the other side of the buffer.

Key Differences

  • Nail Files are usually used at home, nail buffers are commonly found within nail technicians’ tools.
  • Nail buffers are a little cheaper than nail files and are usually sold in bulk.
  • Nail buffers are made with a sponge which makes them softer than a nail files.

The Grits

Grit is a number graded according to the grit per square inch of a nail file or buffer. For instance, 100 grit will have 100 pieces of sand.

Nail Files and buffers grits ranges between 50 and 8000 but most nail applications require grit of 80 to 4000.

Using the correct grit for every situation is crucial for your nail protection as a wrong choice of grit could damage the client’s nails.

People often ask an essential question about nail files and buffers, why are there so many grits, and how do I know which one to use? Here’s a list of grits to answer your question.

  • 80 grit: Extra Coarse-This grit level helps remove gel overlays or for shortening artificial nails. It is not recommended to use it for natural nails.
  • 100 grit: A bit coarse but still can be used for shaping the sidewall of artificial nails or hard toenails.
  • 150 grit: If you want to blend your nail tips, 150 grit is a great option. You can use it for over-the-top filling.
  • 180 grit: This one is the medium file, and it’s used in nail plate preparation. You can use it to give a beautiful shape and nice, smooth finishing to artificial nails. However, if your nails are hard, then don’t use them for natural nails.
  • 240 grit: It is the softest and finer grit. You can use it to shape your hard natural nails. You can use it in the nail plate presentation before the enhancement product.
  • 4000 grit: This grit is the smoothest one and is used to remove ridges and make the nail surface smooth. These are the finest files and are considered finishing files.

Electric Nail File

Electric nail drill or simply E-file is a related product you may need to know about. Gelish has launched mid-2022 a piece of new equipment for nail salons: Go File™ (Hybrid Electric File).

Now that you’ve learned the differences between Nail Buffers and Nail Files and how to use there, you can easily choose the best nail salon tools like a professional.

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