What Are The Best Nail Polish Brands In Canada

The question: which nail polish brand is the best for my salon in Canada?

Short answer: honestly, there’s no straight forward answer for this question, since some brands focus on a specific feature where other brands may focus last longer and have a good finish on providing more colour shades in different formulas. Besides, some Canadian cities may prefer a certin brand more than another just because the brand is popular in that area.  Of course, this philosophy doesn’t apply everywhere, especially big cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

The Long Answer For “What Are The Best & Most Popular Nail Polish Brands in Canada”

Every brand we supply in our wholesale nail supply showroom has got to be one of the best brands in Canada for one reason or another. In this article, we are going to list (by alphabet order) and explain the characteristics behind every nail polish brand. We are also going to highlight the most popular product line produced by each brand.

CND Nail Polish

Weather it’s Shellac or Vinlylux (long wear polish), CND guarantees you long-lasting polish with a Gel-like shine. But truly, as nail technican, I believe every word they said because I’ve tried almost every polish bottel from CND products and I’ve seen the results myself. Shellac Luxe nail polish is also revolutionary in so many ways, it’s been presented by the middle of 2018. CND’s formula self-levering power will have you swooning. The finish is so smooth that it makes your real nails look fake. The removal is easy and safe. Shellac Cake Pop and Candied colours have become an instant favourite. This is the one brand that you should most definitely have it in your Salon, your clients will ask for it by name. CND 

Gelish Nail Polish

Gelish GelColor can be considered as a luxurious brand. Designed to give you a Gel like finish with its easy two-step application it has not failed to deliver. It’s not only long lasting but has a very posh look to it. With over 100 nail colours available and top coats that make them shine you can go absolutely crazy with Gelish GelColor polish. The two-step application is an easy process. All you have to do it apply the nail colour of your choice first and then top it off with their top coat. This instantly gives you a Gel-like shine and finish.

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Morgan Taylor’s logo says ‘Where professional beauty starts’ and rightly so. Honestly, you cannot rave enough about this brand. Morgan Taylor nail polishes are absolutely stunning with great formulas. It’s not hard to find good Nail polishes in Canada, just look into what your professional salon has. The formula is beautifully pigmented and long-lasting. Morgan Taylor’s best 2018 shades would be Lacquer Candy Coated, Lacquer berry perfection, Lacquer Latte please and of course then it’s my party.

OPI Nail Polish

OPI is a family company that has been going on for generations, and their nail products are without a doubt reliable and amazing in quality. OPI Nail Envy is the most popular product in this brand, it’s made for weak damaged nails. The formula stregnthens with wheat protein and calcium for harder longer stronger nails to envy. Imagen a sheer shimmer for days without a manicure. OPI nail envy has really changed the game for Gel Color in Canada. OPI Nail Lacquer line is stunning too and lasts for about a week and more. On top of that, the bottle doesn’t dry off quickly. Infinite Shine and Gelcolor are product lines of OPI too, with over 350 shades and increasing, you will defintly find your favourite polish colour. OPI  brand is so famouse that it’s available almost everywhere you go, even in grocery stores and pharmacies. A funny fact about OPI is that Canadians never have to go too far to find a bottle of nail polish, it’s always somewhere.

So Which Brand Should I Choose?

Now that you’ve learned about the best and most popular nail polish brands in Canada, and what benefit they bring to nail salons and spas, we leave the choice to you to decide as to which brand would you choose.


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