OPI Hello Kitty

OPI Hello Kitty

Winter 2019 Collection

OPI Hello Kitty

All You Need To Know

About The Collection

Discover everyone’s must-have gift and celebrate the 2019 season with The Hello Kitty Holiday Collection by OPI. It’s coming October 1st. OPI’s previous Hello Kitty 2016 collection was an immediate success and the obsession with cute continued to progress until today. Because Hello Kitty was a growing trend back in 2016, OPI came out with new colours inspired by this cute icon. Since OPI released their nail polish bottles with prints from Hello Kitty character’s icons, it enjoyed strong popularity as fans are drawn to their unique quirks in addition to their cute aesthetics. Hello Kitty icons are seemingly gaining more popularity beyond the borders of Japan into other Asian markets, and it’s seemingly becoming more popular in Canada and the US. Scroll down to explore the Hello Kitty Holiday Collection by OPI polishes, long-wear polishes, and gel nail polish.

The Wait Is Almost Over








Cute Colours

Nail Polish Shades

The OPI Hello Kitty 2016 Collection is stuffed with crèmes, pinks and shimmery shades and so does the new collection too. Here are the new titles for the colours.

  • A Hush Of Blush
  • A Kiss On The Chic
  • All About The Bows
  • Born To Sparkle
  • Dream In Glitter
  • Glitter All The Way
  • Glitter To My Heart
  • Hello Pretty
  • Isn’t She Iconic!
  • Let Love Sparkle
  • Let’s Be Friends!
  • Let’s Celebrate!
  • Many Celebrations To Go!
  • My Favorite Gal Pal
  • Pile On The Sprinkles


Hello Kitty Formulas

You can buy this collection as individual bottles of Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine or Gelcolor. 

OPI Nail Lacquer

This collection contains 15 bottles of nail lacquers, 12 shades and 3 glitter.

Formula Features

  • When they first came out of its fantastic range of colours floored people.
  • Even today OPI not only has a wide range of colours but also dries fast.
  • The second coat can be applied within a minute or two.
  • Dries super fast and has extended wear, meaning, it lasts longer.

OPI Gelcolor

This collection contains 15 bottles of gel nail polish, 12 shades and 3 glitter.

Formula Features

  • Odour free and LED cured systems making them a genuinely revolutionary addition to the nail industry.
  • The gel colour range matches almost all colours of the existing Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer line on OPI.
  • Come in thick sculpting gels, soft soak-able gels, and soak-able gel colour polishes.
  • High gloss, feel weightless, and the application is pure perfection.

OPI Infinite Shine (Long Wear Polish)

This collection contains 15 bottles from infinite shine product line, 12 new shades and 3 shining glitter.

Formula Features

  • Bright and funky shades to choose from in this line.
  • Long-lasting a bright and shiny with a vast array of colours.
  • It dries to the touch in around 8 minutes but second.
  • Thrust coats can be applied within a couple of minutes.
  • The infinite shine is a crazy favourite during summers.

OPI Nail Treatment

OPI delivers strength with its range of Nail Envy natural nail strengthener, the ultimate product for nails in need of a nail treatment. Made with hydrolyses wheat protein and calcium to help nails grow harder, longer and stronger, OPI Hello Kitty collection presents 4 different packs to meet your individual needs.

Hello Kitty Top Coat & Envy Packs

  • Holiday Nail Treatment Mini 4 Pack
  • Mini Rapidry Top Coat
  • Top Coat Treatment Trio Pack
  • Mini Nail Envy 24pcs per Pack

Salon Special

Nail Polish Displays

Alternatively, Salons can also buy as groups like displays, packs and kits. Additionally, Hello Kitty 2019 collection has nail treatment sets as well.

Get OPI Hello Kitty 2019 Collection

Because anyone could be reading this blog, and since everyone needs this collection for a different use. I’ve listed a few options that will help you get it fast, no matter you want it for a shop or for personal use.

Do It Yourself

Are you looking to buy individual nail polish bottles to try yourself? Find this collection at Sally Beauty or Swan Beauty.

Here are some sample photos for the colours on hands

Wholesale Supplies For Salon/SPA

Looking to get this collection at wholesale price for your salon or spa in Canada? Then Nail R Us is the answer, you will find this collection available in Nail Polish, GelColour and Infinite Shine, they will give a great experience for your clients.

Nail Salon/SPA


Get your nails done with this collection at Vixen® Nails & Spa. The shop is located very close to Square One mall in downtown. They will check you in quickly and the service with full care and the whole experience is just 100% wonderful.

Toronto (Downtown)

Welcome to Toronto PATH’S only luxury Nail Bar! At Polish’d they understand perfect nails equals total confidence. They will offer the best nail service possible during your visit. Directions


Highly recommend the nail polish service and the employees are great with their nail art experience. Glamstar Beauty & Nails offers top quality service for a good price too.


Spa Espace Nomad-Spa is a lovely place to spend a few hours relaxing and taking in the views of Montreal. Everything is a five star! The location, the atmosphere, the service and the message.

Further Info

For alternative bright and cute colours that fall within the same tone, check CND Yes I Do Bridal Nail Polish Collection

OPI released Scotland Collection for Fall 2019, the colours are way too different but might help with some nail art applications.

In Conclusion

With all this information and resources for OPI Hello Kitty 2019 Winter Collection, you are 100% ready to make a decision where to buy from. You may ask your salon or nail technician for this collection after October 1st.

OPI Tokyo Collection Has Nail Art Trends to Watch Out For

OPI Tokyo Collection Has Nail Art Trends to Watch Out For

All You Need To Know About OPI Tokyo Collection

Why choose OPI Tokyo Collection? Because you want the inside scoop on the hottest new nail polish trends.

OPI Tokyo brings so much life to this nail polish collection. From the eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine to the rich traditions including matcha tea ceremonies and zen gardens.

On the front line of beauty is this vibrant city where being kawaii (cute) is almost a legal requirement. They are so obsessed that every year, you’ll find nail enthusiasts at the Tokyo Nail Forum, a two-day convention where pro’s show off the newest trends and techniques. On a recent visit to the city that inspired our late Spring 19 collection, we curated edit of the patterns to bring to your salon this year.

3 Dimensional Nail Art

Adorning fingertips with standout 3D art is nothing new for Tokyo, with chains, threads, beads, feathers, flowers, and even tassels spotted hanging off nails. Ideal for the client who isn’t afraid to stand out, traditionally in Tokyo locals have adorned all five nails, but recently they’ve cut it down to two or three. If full-on 3D is too much, tiny embellishments, typically in shades of gold, are a hallmark of Japanese nail design.

It’s all in Nail Colour Details

Think of those cartoon inspired nails you loved as a teenager, and then bring the grown-up version in your salon. Intricate and cool, illustrative motifs are the perfect way to brighten up winter days with flowers, foliage, houndstooth, and anime characters favorite in Tokyo. Insider tip – before attending anime conventions, Japanese superfans often get their hero’s embellished onto their nails before the meet and greets to stand out.

OPI Let you “Think Pink” this time

If your client wants to go full “kawaii”’ then pastel shades are the way forward. From bright fuchsias to orangey corals, and flamingo pinks, a recurring trend in Tokyo is to combine pink shades to create a subtle yet stated look. We recommend trying Ombre styles or colour blocking pink shades, and for clients who want to go more, OTT adds delicate diamante.

OPI Tokyo Collection

Welcome to Tokyo.

Make Mine a Masterpiece

Tokyo nail salons do take art to the next level, with nail professionals hand drawing iconic art onto tips. From Van Gogh’s sunflowers to Andy Warhol’s pop art, these intricate designs bring nails to life allowing your clients to show off their artistic side.

OPI GelColor is ideal for clients looking for a quick service that offers performance with up to 3 weeks of shine-intense wear and stay-true colour. OPI’s professional gel polish system is designed to be cured with the OPI Dual Cure Light and fully cures of foundation to finish in 4 minutes per set. Choose from 140+ shades or find your favourite OPI Lacquer shade matched in GelColor.

Tokyo Collection Features 12 New Permanent Shades Available In:

  • Gelcolor
  • Infinite Shine
  • Nail Lacquer

Tokyo Nail Art Trends

Rice Rice Baby Another Ramen-tic Evening Arigato From Tokyo

Back to Basics

If your client is into subtle nail art, don’t panic. Styles are trending again toward simpler designs with easier maintenance in Japan. We’re seeing clients showing a preference to short and simple using three nail colours.

The Colours In This Collection Are:

  • Rice Rice Baby
  • Another Ramen-tic Evening
  • Arigato From Tokyo
  • Hurry-juku Get This Color
  • All Your Dreams in Vending Machines
  • Samurai Breaks a Nail
  • How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?
  • I’m on a Sushi Roll
  • Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san
  • Tempura-ture is Rising!
  • Kanpai OPI!
  • Chopstix and Stones

We hope you and your clients feel extra ‘kawaii’. Use this guide to give your clients nail art that will immediately make them #OPIObsessed. Don’t forget to tag the incredible nail art you made with #OPITokyo on our OPI social channels. Watch OPI Tokyo Demo Video