Nails R Us Top Choice Award

Let first agree on one thing, the popularity of a beauty distributor is what makes salon owners get their supplies from. The Top Choice Award is a highly reviewed business award in North America. We’ve found plays a huge role in the success of Nails R Us.

Nails R Us Award

When a beauty wholesaler is nominated or wins an award, it shows salon owners that they are dealing with a good company, making it easy for the customers to feel proud to buy from it. Nails R Us has been heavily promoted online after they got listed in Toronto’s winner directory. The Top Choice Awards has also helped Nails R Us increase their sales and improve their relationship with Salon owners for the past 6 years. Their award badge is a validation that they are the best through the voice of the people in Canada. Nails R Us has naturally increased the chances of being trusted among nail technicians, hairdressers, and beauty specialists.

Award Effects on Nails R Us

The clients know that Nails R Us is the best in skilled and recognized in the beauty supplies, they’ve got strengthens their loyalty to your brand. After Nails R Us won the Top Choice Award,  they stand out as the best choice for a consumer in the beauty industry. Top Choice Awards works diligently to ensure that they promote the winners of each survey to all of their contacts. Winning the Top Choice Award also promoted Nails R Us through many different avenues whether it be online, in person, or in print. Since Nails R Us has been associated with the Top Choice Award, it raises the credibility of its salon supplies as this mark of excellence stand for a benchmark of only the top quality businesses in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Every beauty supply company says that they are “the best”, but very few have a trusted third party to validate that statement like Nails R Us.

Nails R Us Brand Awareness

With today’s giant social media presence, being nominated for or winning an award can be a huge PR opportunity that will not only give you public recognition but also associate you with an elite league of great companies and potential business colleagues. Social media is where makeup artists and SPA business owners engage with and build lasting relationships with beauty supply brands. The Top Choice Award has helped Nails R Us receive extra online traffic from consumers that aim to work with reputable companies, while Nails R Us got rewarded for their hard work with more business and clients! Most of Nais R Us customers are cosmetologists, they styling hair and apply makeup and they’re also trained to analyze skin including the scalp. Nails R Us has a department only supplies products to hairstylists who own hair salons focus only on hair.

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