Nail Technician Class in Mississauga (Beginner Course Certification)

Learn How To Create High-End Designs That Your Competition Can’t Match!

Beginner Nail Technician Certification Course will teach you how to make a complete nail art application and extraordinary designs that most salon customers always ask for. This class will cover all the important elements involved from theory to hands-on applications.

Pay & Enroll

Learning how to create stunning nail art with Magic Gel System is a great decision for your nail career goal. With continuous support, marketing, and training assets, you will have everything that you need to perform the conventional nail art service. We truly think you can achieve your goal with all the support Magic Gel can provide.

Class Information

  • Class Duration: 6 Hours, 4 Days
  • Class Fee: $997 +tax
  • Class Dates: July 28, July 29, August 4, August 5 (8:30am-3pm)
  • Class Location: Nails R Us Showroom 4500 Dixie Road, Unit 10A-10B Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1V7, Canada

Theory Topics

  • Industry Overview
  • Ventilation
  • Ergonomics
  • Nail Diseases
  • Nail Structure
  • Tool Overview
  • Nail Preparation
  • Sculpting Theory

Hands-On Topics

  • Electric Filing introduction
  • Sanitary
  • Conditions
  • Disinfection
  • Natural Nail Overlay
  • Form Modification
  • Sculpting
  • Nail Extensions
  • Painted French
  • Sculpted Camouflage
  • Ombre Design
  • Rebalancing

Products Provided

The class includes a course kit valued at $300.

  • Files
  • Buffers
  • Forms
  • Dust brush and wipes
  • 1 Primer pen
  • 1 Flawless Bond Base 15 ml
  • 1 Brilliant & Universal 15 ml
  • 1 Creamy Camouflage 15 ml
  • 1 Universal White #2 7 ml
  • 1 Color Gel 7 ml
  • 1 Glitter Gel 7 ml
  • 1 Flawless Sculpting Brush #7
  • 1 Top Gel 15 ml
  • 1 Online Expert Nail Technician Course- included in the fee

How To Prepare

Each student will be working on their own hands. Please make sure your nails are completely free of any product (no nail polish, no gel polish, no hard gel, no acrylic). Arrive at 8:30 am to properly set up before the start of the class. Late students distract the whole group.

What To Bring

  • UV/LED Lamp
  • Overhead/Table Lamp
  • Cleanser/Wipes/Buffer/Plastic Tips
  • Any other items you might need
  • Manicure tools
  • Electric file
  • Notebook for taking notes
  • Willingness to learn and have fun!

Class Instructors

The class is instructed by Megan Taylor, a successful salon Manager.


  1. Nail art has becoming a growing trend! Its no longer just a polish or clean up, but a way to express your nature and having fun with it. Thanks for sharing your post!

    • Joseph

      Thank you for your comment, in fact, 2020 for nail art industry is all about mastering the application and involving the latest trends and products. Nail technicians and Instagram nail art star recommend to keep taking classes and attending events for nail art. Beginner Nail Technician Certification is the very first step students should start with for 2020, imagine that you can quickly master with the help of a steady hand, patience, and a stiff brush for your inevitable mess-ups.

  2. This is an excellent class for students who are just starting up in the nail art industry, but the fact that nail salons always demand more skills and endless inspiration can’t be denied. I mean triangles, rectangles, circles, squares and all other shapes, in consecutive or abstract way, are good, but if you are looking to do a lot more on your client’s nail beds, then you should reconsider an upgrade. Think of a garden from heaven full of flowers on your nails, a Halloween scene of spooky bats with glittery pumpkins, a luxury jewels with crystal-like effect, or even marbleizing colours together with stained-glass top, sounds like a higher level, right? If you are interested in extending further into the advanced nail art world then click here to start brand-new journey.

  3. Nali

    Hi I am unemployed with hopes to learn about nails but cannot afford more than 200. would you be able to grant me to take the course? I am humbly seeking favor.
    Pls. let me know

    • Joseph

      Hi Nali, I don’t really give lessons, but I’m sure you can find a Nail Technician would give a quick lesson! You wont learn much but you would defiantly know how to do a perfect nail polish application. I’d suggest to learn online in the beginning, though Instagram or YouTube channels. Good luck with your nail education and career.

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