Fall Nail Polish Colors

Now that the summer is ending soon. Find the top fall nail polish colors you need to provide in your salon and apply them to your client’s tips to stay on trend this autumn. The fall nail trends are full of different patterns and colors (short and natural, ovals, square, glitter nails, matte nail polish).

Many salon brands focus build thier color plate for fall season from old fashion and historical buildings. For example, dusty sand and deep scarlet crème are very popular drametical colors during autumn. Gelish has recently announced an upcoming nail polish collection called Plaid Reputation, this set will features colors from ther history of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603). Even though nail polish was invented over 5000 years ago, it didn’t make its way across into England until much later, arriving in the late 18th century. It was still very much associated with the wealthy at this stage, until the first nail salon opened in the late 19th century in Paris. Learn more about the the history of nail polish.

OPI hasn’t official announce when the Fall 2022 collection will be avaliable for purchase but I do know it’s featuring 12 new colors inspired by fire, water, air, and earth. The color palette of Fall Wonders feels like elements of nature  combined togather.

Here are some of the newest collections for nail colors and designs that are beautiful and chic and you can use them in this pumpkin-spice season.


Burgundy is a color that is often associated with the fall, but this year we’re going to see a deeper, more luxurious version than ever before. Think rich color that will make you want to dive straight into it. This nail color is ultra-chic and the perfect way to take you into the colder weather.


Here’s another stunning nail color: An enticing and interesting taupe. As we head into the fall, we’re obsessed with darker, brooding colors and taupe is the perfect way to start. It’s beautifully unusual and I urge you to give this a try.

Dark Peacock Green

A dark peacock green is a color you didn’t know your fall manicure needed. This luxurious color will instantly add an avant-garde touch to every look with a design suitable for fall.

Deep Purple Matte

Bring a little extra drama to the Thanksgiving table with this stunning deep purple.

Smoky Teal

I describe this shade as a transitional color since the blue in this polish is just summery enough to wear right before fall; however, its darker hue is also suitable for cooler weather

Heavy Glitter

For a festive look that isn’t too over the top, try a glitter polish with an emphasis on the “glitter”. It’s a great way to achieve a nail art look without the actual art. Apply multiple layers so the sparkle shows through

Deep Blood Red

I’ve seen this deep-blood red shade so many times the fall season in fashion shows and campaigns. The dark, rich shade is a spin on the classic bright red, featuring a berry-colored undertone


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Gelish 2022 Fall Collection Plaid Reputation

Do It Yourself

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