Magic Gel Nail Guard

New Healthier Choice

Start doing faster and healthier nails with NailGuard™. New rubber silicone base soaks off system will give you 3 level of service and protection – gel manicures, natural nail overlay and sculpting.

✓ No filing after sculpting 
✓ Perfect adhesion
✓ 8 camouflage colours
✓ Clear builder in a bottle
 Great for damaged / thin nail plates

Be design ready with the full range of hottest spring colors!

Learn More about the Full NailGuard Kit

Top Choice Award by HEALTH MAG

Free From All Known Carcinogens

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Perfect Camouflage

Hyper Shine Tack Free Top is an absolute game-changer – this is our shiniest top!

A full range of 8 camouflage colours will guarantee that you always have a perfect match for any skin tone!

Healthier Choice

NailGuard™ is the healthier choice of doing nails.

The advanced formula eliminates the need for filing, removing dust particles from your workspace. Dust particles from filing is the main cause for nail techs’ allergies and allergies of their clients.

NailGuard™ is the pinnacle of safe chemistry and is from all known carcinogens.


Level 2 Protection

Fast natural nail overlay and French with soak off rubber silicone base NailGuard


Level 3 Protection

The long awaited sculpting without filing! See how you can do extensions with soak off rubber silicone base NailGuard


Fast and Easy

Soaking off gel manicures, natural nail overlays and sculpted nails in just 10 minutes with NailGuard


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