ESI 2020 | B2B Aesthetic & Spa Trade Show | Montreal QC

Prepare yourself next year for the biggest Aesthetic & Spa Conference, ESI 2020 in Montreal (Esthetique Spa International 21st Edition).

ESI conference produces the premier spa and esthetic events in North America. The event involves a wide variety of spa industries demonstrating their latest discoveries and inventions in the field of cosmetics. The event is attended by all top cosmetic and spa industry professionals from all corners of the world. The event also provides an immense opportunity to network and expand businesses worldwide and compete with topmost cosmetic industrialists. This event shows products like wedding cosmetics, makeup, free goody bag & much more etc. in the ayurvedic & herbal, cosmetics and beauty products industries.

28e Édition 29 et 30 septembre 2019

ESI Trade Show Details

The fair will take place at the Montreal Convention Centre West Building (New Building) in Montreal, QC, and The award-winning Montreal Convention Centre is a green-designed, state-of-the-art facility on the waterfront in beautiful downtown Montreal.

Address: 103-14056 Curé-Labelle Mirabel (Québec) CANADA J7J 1L6

Find more information about the conference Montreal Esthétique Spa International Conference

Le salon Esthétique Spa International de Montréal

The leading educational and experiential trade show for all professionals in spa, beauty and wellness.

Conference Features

  • 10 Featured Speakers
  • 60+ Exhibitor Classes
  • Two days, ONE admission price
  • Including all lectures from our Featured Speakers and the Exhibitors classes
  • Hundreds of new products and services to discover
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Last year number of attendees: 7 045
  • Program distribution: 45 000
  • Number of Booths: 525
  • Square Footage: 135 000 sq. ft.

Date & Timings

  • 29 September , 2019, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • 30 September , 2019, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Information and Tickets

Entry Fees

  • 45$ (including taxes) for the two full days by registering online before August 26, 2019

Category & Type

  • Beauty Trade Show
  • Wellness, Health & Fitness Trade Show

ESI Attendance

Find out who would be interested in this expo and learn more about the exhibitors and speakers.

Montreal Esthétique Spa International Conference

Who Can Attend the Fair?

  • Attendees must be 16 or older to be admitted.
  • No child or infant will be admitted.

ESI Conference Exhibitors List (60 of them are Canadian companies)

  • Academie Amelashes
  • Academie Dolores Couturier
  • Academie Roselisa
  • Allez Housses
  • Alma Lasers
  • Alter Ego Cosmétiques
  • Aromasource Inc.
  • Aya Medical Inc.
  • Beau-t Tropical
  • Bio Sculpture Nails Inc.
  • Booxi
  • Butterfly Lash Solutions
  • Candela Inc. (Syneron)
  • Cantin Beauté Ltd
  • Carolyn Design Uniformes
  • Centre Laser Synergie
  • Cils Import
  • Clarion Medical Technologies Inc
  • Clayton Shagal
  • Clinic Sm
  • Concept Jp
  • Cosmecor
  • Création Fée Lyne
  • Cynosure Inc.
  • Dectro International
  • Dermaspark Products Inc
  • Derme&co
  • Distribution Kathleen
  • Distribution Optilase Inc.
  • Distributions Ongles D’or
  • Dr. Mehran, Produits De Soins
  • Dupuis Magna Cosmétiques
  • Educated Beards
  • Eminence Organic Skin Care Inc
  • Epiderma
  • Epil’derme
  • Esthétique Médico Inovaplus
  • Esthetique Sans Frontieres .
  • Fillerina Canada
  • Gh Fine Therapy Corp
  • Gina Beauté – Distributeur Produits
  • Glam Group Canada Inc.
  • Greeness
  • Greenlife Inc. .
  • Hydrafacial Canada
  • Inno Cellulite
  • Institut Esthederm Canada Inc.
  • Intega Sciences De La Peau Inc.
  • Invasix Corp
  • Jackie J – Fashion Inspiration
  • Jessica Cosmetic, Nail And Beauty .
  • Kehni
  • Know Your Body Best
  • La Station Beauté
  • Laser Medical Canada.
  • Lash Artisan
  • Leger Et Cie Inc./ Vagheggi
  • Les Entreprises Cosmoderma
  • Les Importations Alain Inc.
  • Les Produits Davincia Inc.
  • Les Produits De Santé Audessa Inc.
  • Liliya Saxon Nail Academy Magic Gel
  • Luniforme
  • M.t. Derme S.a.
  • Magne-tec
  • Master Beauty Instruments
  • Mica Beauty .
  • Micro-pigmentation Centre Inc. .
  • Micrylium
  • Miss Cilia
  • Miss Jen Inc.
  • Modern Basic Cosmetics Ltd.
  • My Beauty Sources Ltd
  • Nails R Us
  • North American White Smile
  • Novoderm
  • Nu Collection Inc.
  • Phytoderm Skin Care
  • Podosensé
  • Pranasens Inc.
  • Promax Care Products
  • Pure Couleur
  • Ridha Cosmetiques
  • Rose Bella Distribution () Inc.
  • Salient Medical Solution
  • Scalp Élite
  • Sharplight Technologies Canada Inc.
  • Silhouet-tone .
  • Soins Personnels Quebec – Formation
  • Exhibitors List For Montréal
  • Liste Des Exposants Montréal
  • Somak Distribution
  • Spot On Beauty
  • Studex Ear Piercing Products
  • The Ontario Nail Institute
  • Univesta
  • Valérie Ducharme
  • Venus Concept
  • Virtzu
  • Zao Canada
  • Zensa Numbing Cream

To join the exhibitor list for 29-30 September, 2019, contact ESI Montreal Management



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