CND Sweet Escape Spring 2019 Collection

Awaken the senses with contrasting shades that allow freedom to create dynamic pairings. CND encourages a deeper look into the diverse states of perception with the new CND Sweet Escape collection, featuring six captivating shades in a sensual array of soothing pastels, balancing cool tones and grounded neutrals for Spring 2019. Escape the confines of ‘the box’ with this delicate, romantic Spring collection from CND in Vinylux. Shades include Soulmate, Exquisite, Coquette, Poetry, and Antique.

We are always trying to push the boundaries while referencing the incredible color stories and visual inspirations of the past to create something modern and forward-thinking,” said CND® Co-Founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “This collection fuses the classic romance and elegance of the Victorian era with a nod to the trends currently popular in fashion.”

Escape From Winter To Spring

There are many ways to escape sweetly into spring, depending on your interests and available resources. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a nature walk: Enjoy the warmer weather and longer days by walking or hiking in a nearby park or nature reserve. Take in the sights and sounds of spring, such as blooming flowers and chirping birds.
  • Plant a garden: Start planning and planting a spring garden. This can be as simple as a few pots of herbs on a windowsill or as elaborate as a full vegetable or flower garden.
  • Get creative: Take up a new hobby or craft that allows you to express your creativity and embrace the season. This could be painting, drawing, knitting, or even baking spring-themed treats.
  • Spend time with loved ones: Invite friends or family for a spring barbecue or picnic. Enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful weather.
  • Treat yourself: Indulge in self-care by treating yourself to a spa day or a spring-themed gift, such as a bouquet or a new piece of clothing.

CND Product Lines

With soft tones and simple hues, the spring color story of the CND Sweet Escape collection cuts through the noise to make a classic and chic statement with a more delicate approach that explores mindfulness and sleek soothing shades. CND lines are comprised of Vinylux® Long Wear Polish, SHELLAC® Gel Polish, and SHELLAC LUXE® Gel Polish, draw inspiration from classic French embroidery style of petit point and whimsical Georgian glass-covered portrait stones, showcasing the beauty that can only come with age.

Vinylux® Long Wear Polish

CND Sweet Escape: The Spring Collection CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish

Featured Benefits: Delivers gel-like shine, fast-drying color, and 7-day wear in a 2-step Application; CND® Vinylux® Long Wear Polish Top Coat features increased durability when exposed to natural light.

SHELLAC® Gel Polish

CND Sweet Escape: The Spring Collection CND SHELLAC Gel Polish

Featured Benefits: Delivers 14+ day wear and stunning crystal shine with no nail damage when used as directed; The CND® SHELLAC® Original Base Coat; CND® SHELLAC® XPRESS 5 Top Coat and CND® LED lamp deliver a fast service time with a fantastic 5-minute removal; CND® SHELLAC® DURAFORCE® Top Coat offers 25% more protection for weakened nails* and 15-min removal.

*25% thicker formula vs. SHELLAC® Original Top Coat


CND Sweet Escape The Spring Collection CND SHELLAC LUXE Gel Polish

Featured Benefits: A patented formula that delivers 14+ day wear with a high-gloss shine in 65 luxurious shades and no nail damage when used as directed. Apply in 2 simple steps and remove in 60 seconds, saving an impressive 15 minutes on the length of an appointment.

Alternative Spring Colors

Reaching this point of the article means you’re a CND true fan, but still, there may be room for an equivalent trademark. OPI is launching in spring (February 2023) called Me Myself and OPI, with various similar blossom-themed nail polish colors featuring multiple colors and finishes, including pastels such as light pink, pale blue, and lilac, as well as brighter colors like coral, yellow, and mint green. It’s always a good idea to check out the latest collections from CND and OPI to see the current colors and finishes available. OPI and CND also have a strong presence in the professional beauty industry, with both brands used in salons and spas worldwide. Overall, OPI and CND are similar in that they are both respected and well-known nail polish brands that offer a wide range of products for both consumers and professionals.

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