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When It Comes To Nail Style & Care, It Comes To CND

Getting “nails perfectly done” is a luxury enjoyed by many women in Canada. From matt finish to intense shine, nail art has been one of the top fashion and beauty trends, and there is no end to its creativity.

CND Brand

CND (Creative Nail Design) is a renowned American Nail Polish manufacturer. The CND brand was founded in 1979 and has been a hit for its famous nail paint collections. Winnie Huang, the winner of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist, has lately been made part of the CND family. It has recently partnered with huge brands like Marianna industries to serve cosmetology schools with their award-winning products.

CND Wholesale Distributors

CND is globally known for its vast range of nail care products of supreme quality. It has its head office at San Diego and has spread its base internationally. With selected CND wholesale distributors like us, the brand has left its mark across Canada from east to west.

CND Shellac

Gel polishes are setting new trends and bars. CND Shellac promises not only a healthy-looking shine but also a longer lasting paint. Perfect for working women and college girls, it is easy to apply and dries quickly. The CND Shellac is available in a variety of bright as well as nude colours.

CND Nail Polish

The CND nail polish has a brilliant formula which ensures that it’s chip-free up to a week and gives your nails a bright and shiny appearance. It has excellent value for money and quality. With the full range of shades to choose from, it leaves you wanting for more. The nail care products by CND are a cherry on the top. CND is perfect for a professional manicure.

CND Shellac Luxe

Made with the state of art, micro-processing, two-step gel polish system, the CND Shellac Luxe gel polish wears smoothly and removes within 60 seconds without causing any damage. It is formulated to provide your nails with a long-lasting shine which makes them look freshly manicured for 14 days. It is the right paint to apply for vacations and show your nails off. It is available in 65 luxurious shades.

CND Creative Play

CND Creative Play is perfect to give your hands the quirky and fun look! It is available in more than 100 shades and 11 finishes so that you have the right tone for your outfit everyday anytime you want. It is a make-up bag essential for vacations so that you can show your nails off while sipping that mojito drink.

CND Vinylux

Composed of magical components like Vitamin E, Keratin and Jojoba oil, the CND Vinylux is made to bless your nails. It comes with a new ergonomic and curve-hugging brush for easy and faster application. It comes in 100 colours with matching shades leaving you to spree on! So, get your shades and experiment with the 16-year-old in you!

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