Is OPI Popular Brand in Canada?

OPI is a well-known brand often recommended for nail salons due to its high-quality products and wide range of colors and finishes. OPI offers a variety of nail polish shades and other nail care products, such as base coats, top coats, and cuticle oils; view all OPI products. The brand is known for its long-lasting, chip-resistant formula and wide range of colors, which allows nail salons to offer their clients various options. No doubt, nail salon owners and mobile nail technicians want to provide their clients with the best product and services. What is the most recommended nail polish brand to feature, and how to convince your clients to try it? The short answer is OPI nail supply, and we’ll find out why this brand is specific and what products exactly to recommend to your clients. Please note this article is not sponsored by any commercial company. It’s based on personal vision and experience. OPI also has a reputation for being a professional brand, which can be important for salons looking to provide high-quality services to their clients. Overall, OPI is a popular choice for nail salons due to its high-quality products and wide range of options.

I enjoy offering OPI supplies in my nail salon for several reasons: the diverse shade range and, of course, the excellent quality. It’s seen how committed they are to providing their consumers with the finest quality products. Every range they release has never before seen shades. Their gel and lacquer ranges are fantastic. OPI nail polish variety is safe, innovative, and long-lasting. What more could a girl ask for? Below is a complete OPI overview and recent collections; keep reading to discover the five reasons why I recommend every salon to feature OPI nail polish for customers.

Hundreds Of Colors

The best thing about OPI Nail Polish is that they have released more than 40 new shades every year since the brand existed. As of the end of 2022, there are around 650 shades that are available in stores Canada-wide and around 200 discontinued colors. OPI collections and range of colors have been the best in the market for a long time. It might get challenging to choose between all these fun and chic colors. But some of the most popular ones are definitely ‘Alpine snow,’ a beautiful white shade, ‘We the female,’ a radiant red, substantially than the perfect nude for a work week, and of course ‘Lincoln Park’ after dark the deep maroon that we all love wearing on dates. Apart from these, some of the other polishes are- ‘You are so Budapest,’ which is a soft periwinkle color that goes on every skin tone, ‘Stay off the lawn,’ a dark leafy green, and ‘Lucky, lucky lavender,’ which is perfect for spring. All these shades and other colors are available at the nail polish distributor, making the whole experience hassle-free.


The fact that OPI regularly releases new shades is why we keep going back to them. Customers are never bored with the color choices and choose to go with OPI knowing its quality. The brand works hard in marketing too. They collaborate with Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez. The brand collaborated with Coco cola and also has collaborated with TV shows like Modern Family. The best knowing store sells OPI nail supplies, and an online community on Instagram keeps posting about customers swarming to get their nails done. Featuring OPI has done nothing but good to the salon.

Easy To Use

Regulars know how easy the application is and love that nails art has become more colorful and fun due to its vibrant shades. It is loved by not only us, the vendors but many nail enthusiasts swear it too. Applying a base coat will ensure your nails are out of harm’s way, and the top coat keeps the policy on without chipping for over a week. We don’t even have to use UV lamps for OPI nail polish!

Brand Reputation

OPI products labeled “O.P.I” have their manufacturer headquarters in Los Angeles, Calabasas. The one brand that started as a small dental supply is now leading in polishes on the market. OPI Nail Polish brand has always been innovative with its products. They’ve changed the nail supply game many times. The recent few launches are by far their best quality. Easy to apply and long-lasting, all our employees do is explain to the buyers to use a top and base coat during application. Not much marketing is required as the brand speaks for itself. Collection after another, they’ve launched more than 40 collections in the past ten years; look at the most recent color releases.

Product Reviews

All the customers coming to our store, be it salon owners or others, love how they can spoil themselves with the fantastic range of colors to choose from. They know that OPI is the long-lasting polish that will keep up with them for at least two weeks. Our customers are astonished at how smooth and long the formula lasts. I’ve never heard a customer go unhappy after a manicure service with OPI products. Undoubtedly a great help in providing all OPI GelColors.

Alternative Option

Essie is also a well-known brand that offers a wide range of nail polish colors and finishes. There are a few key differences between OPI and Essie:

  1. Range of colors and finishes: Both OPI and Essie offer a wide range of colors and finishes, but OPI has a larger selection overall. OPI offers a variety of finishes, including creams, shimmers, glitters, and metallics, while Essie primarily offers creams and shimmers.
  2. Formula and performance: Both brands claim to have long-lasting, chip-resistant formulas, but some users may find that one brand performs better for them than the other.
  3. Price point: OPI tends to be a bit more expensive than Essie, although the price difference may vary depending on the specific product and retailer.

Ultimately, the best choice between OPI and Essie will depend on personal preference and the user’s specific needs. It may be helpful to try out various colors and finishes from both brands to determine which one works best for you.


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    True, most of my clients ask for OPI or CND nail polish, even though there are other quality brands that really do the job just as perfect as you can imagine.

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    OPI is a top-quality brand with a wide range of stunning nail polish shades.

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